The World Celebrates

Pianist Day - 8 November

The World Celebrates

Pianist Day - 8 November

This is the official website of the World Pianist Day,
which is celebrated annually on November 8.

On this day we treasure the emotions pianists evoke with their performances and celebrate their mastery of playing the piano. Every year we organize a variety of events and activities dedicated to the holiday. Join this beautiful tradition!

Pianists are the magicians who bring melodies to life. That's why they deserve their own holiday
Ivan Manko-Vertogradoff
Culture activist, owner of the piano store chain,
Creator of World Pianist Day.

Pianists are the magicians who bring melodies to life. That's why they deserve their own holiday
Ivan Manko-Vertogradoff
Culture activist, owner of the piano store chain,
Creator of World Pianist Day.
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109 Сoncert

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6 hours of playing the piano without a break

More than 1 000 000 people

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How the Idea of the Holiday Was Born?

Everyone loves the enchanting music of the piano – the instrument that evokes emotions and creates magic with every stroke. Yet, pianists, the maestros behind this musical enchantment, have long lacked a dedicated day to celebrate their mastery. In 2014, Ivan Manko-Vertogradoff, a cultural activist, piano music enthusiast, and owner of the piano store chain, posed a simple yet profound question: why not give pianists their own day?

Ivan's dream was to create a special day honoring the artistry and brilliance of pianists. Thus, World Pianist Day on 8th November was born, turning a dream into reality. Supported by fellow Belarusian pianists, including Alexander Polyakov, Ivan organized a series of concerts dedicated to pianists and piano music, propelling the celebration beyond borders. In its early years, World Pianist Day gained official recognition and celebration in Ukraine, Belarus, China, Austria, and Israel.

From the vibrant streets of Jerusalem to the dynamic city of Shenzhen, the celebration resonated with the spirit of piano music. As the years unfolded, World Pianist Day expanded its global reach. Today, concerts and meetings with musicians grace every corner of the globe.

Join us in celebrating the magic of piano music on November 8th, as we come together to recognize and appreciate the talent of pianists worldwide. Happy World Pianist Day!
Previous events
Tropical Classic.
8 November - Moscow.

Night concert by the pianist Ilya Polyakov in the conservatory of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University

Pianist Day in China, Shenzhen.

The official visit of the pianist and the director of the BGAM college Alexander Polyakov to China. Pianist Day Concert on November, 8.

CASIO Workshop
"The acoustic sound of digital instruments"
Timed to Pianist Day November 8th!

Denis Petrovich Rutgers tells the music teachers about the latest trends and possibilities of digital pianos and synthesizers.

Concert dedicated to Pianist Day in
Austria in 2019.

Jazz on the street of Jerusalem!

Israel. November, 8!

World Pianist Day
At the Kazan Federal University.

November 8 in the exhibition hall "Manzara" Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication. An unusual and at the same time significant event for our university was held by Leo Tolstoy: students from various institutes of KFU got together, united by a love of music and, especially, to one instrument - the piano - this day is considered World Pianist Day.

Future mathematicians, chemists, diplomats, philologists, economists decided to mark this day in the style of the glorious traditions of joint music-making by professors and students of Kazan Imperial University - representatives of different specialties. The choice of the venue for the concert was not accidental: there are white pianos in the Manzara exhibition hall - a gift from the Union of Composers of the Republic of Tatarstan to the musical and pedagogical structure of KFU, which has more than half a century of history and today is part of the Department of Tatar Studies and Cultural Studies of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication named after Leo Tolstoy KFU.
Composer Nikolai Panok.
6 hours of continuous piano playing.
Minsk, November 8.
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